Remind Me LLC is the developer of Celerate, an app for Apple and Google devices that improves your speed of visual recall.


celerate is like flash cards on steroids – customized to your interests, hobbies, and life.

Visual recall

We are all either learning and building up our knowledge of people, places and things.  Or we are aging and finding that it takes longer to recall a name or find the right word.  Or maybe both.

Celerate presents customized libraries of photos.  At first you may need to wait for a clue or a caption to recall a name, place or event.  In time, faster visual recall will show up in your personalized score.


Who uses celerate?

all ages

If you have a business, hobby or interest that tests your ability to recall the names of people, or art, or plants, or whatever.


If you are starting to feel like your “brain is full” and it takes longer to find the right word, or recognize a friend.


If you find it challenging to retain important personal information, the names of friends, and events that make up the narrative of a long life.